Broken by Jenny Lawson.
Basically the secret to a long-lasting marriage is memory loss and well-meaning lies and beach margaritas. I decide to keep the broken dove even though I can already hear Victor in my head telling me that shes too broken to save.
Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break - Cc Strombeek.
Ook in deze voorstelling verdampt het onderscheid tussen de disciplines: het is een mengeling van wervelende dans, voordracht en concert. In Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break draaien drie performers drie kwartier lang rond hun as - een beweging die in Sufi-ceremonies moet leiden tot een staat van religieuze euforie.
Fractures Broken Bones OrthoInfo AAOS.
A plaster or fiberglass cast is the most common type of fracture treatment, because most broken bones can heal successfully once they have been repositioned and a cast has been applied to keep the broken ends in proper position while they heal.
broken - Vertaling Nederlands-Engels.
Vertalingen broken ENNL. 1 see break: a broken window. 2 interrupted: broken sleep. 3 uneven: broken ground. 4 of language not fluent: He speaks broken English. 5 ruined: The children come from a broken home their parents are no longer living together.
broken - Wiktionary.
1.4.4 Derived terms. 1.4.5 Related terms. 1.5 Further reading. From Middle English broken, from Old English brocen, Ä¡ebrocen, from Proto-Germanic brukanaz, past participle of Proto-Germanic brekanÄ… to break. Cognate with Dutch gebroken broken, German Low German broken broken, German gebrochen broken.
broken meaning of broken in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
4 INTERRUPTED LINE not continuous interrupted and not continuous a broken white line a long noisy night of broken sleep 5 PERSON WEAK person extremely weak mentally or physically because you have suffered a lot He returned from the war a broken man.
Broken Arrow Skyrace.
52K 26K 11K VK TRIPLE CROWN. IRON FACE CHALLENGE KIDS RACE. 2023 Registration opens 9am PST. DECEMBER 5, 2022. WHERE THE MOUNTAINS MEET THE SKY. Brendan Madigan, Co-Race Director/Founder/Elite Athlete Coordinator. Ethan Veneklasen, Co-Race Director. Geoff Quine, Co-Race Director/Aid Station Coordinator.
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Broken Definition Meaning
of a family disunited or divided by the prolonged or permanent absence of a parent, usually due to divorce or desertion: a child from a broken home; broken families. not smooth; rough or irregular: We left the plains and rode through broken country.

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